Proxying Android Traffic with Burp Suite

Prerequisite: Must have a rooted Android device, preferably with Magisk installed. Find my previous blog for instructions on how to root a pixel 5 with Magisk: Link to the Blog post
  1. On your computer, open Burp Suite and go to Proxy -> Options -> Import /export CA certificates -> Export Burp certificate.
  2. Save the file in .cer format.
  3. Move the .cer file to the Androids downloads folder.
    • Make sure you have the device connected via USB to your computer and file transfer turned on (on the Android device, go to setting-> connected devices->USB->file transfer)
  4. Go to settings->security->encryption & credentials->Install a certificate-> CA certificate-> Select the .cer file.
  5. Download MagiskTrustCerts on your computer:
  6. Move the file to the Android device downloads folder.
  7. Open Magisk and click on the puzzle piece.
  8. Select Install from storage.
  9. Select
  10. When prompted click on reboot
  11. On your computer go to Burp Suite proxy-> options->type in your computers IP address and port 8081
  12. On the Android device go to settings->WiFi->click the widget-> click the pencil->Advanced options-> change proxy to manual-> add the computers IP and port 8081
  13. Test to see if you can now proxy traffic